Bala Quila: The Majestic Fort of Alwar

Located near Karni Mata Temple, atop Aravalli hills, The gigantic Bala Quila (Alwar Fort) has perched on a steep cliff at the height of 300 meters, facing alwar city. This lends a splendid view of the beautiful city Alwar. It is the biggest attraction of the city and also considered as the most imposing and impressive monuments of the Alwar city. Standing alone with a pride since 16th century it is probably one of the oldest forts in the city. Bala Quila is the most notable symbol of the city which is the main reason why it attracts a large number of tourists and local visitors throughout the year. Bala Quila is located at a distance of 595 m from the city centre and it is clearly visible from the city.

Bala Quila Alwar Rajasthan

Bala Quila Alwar

The Alwar Fort (Bala Quila) was said to have been built by Nikumbh Clan of Rajputs in 928 A.D. As time passed, the fort went through the hands of various dynasties including Khanzadas, Mughals, Pathans and Jats. It is believed that Pratap Singh who was the founder of the city of Alwar had taken the possession of this fort in the year 1775. It is believed that Pratap Singh, after taking over the Bala Quila in Alwar had laid the foundation stone of the city. Predating the time of Pratap Singh, it’s one of the few forts in Rajasthan built before the rise of the Mughals, who used it as a base for attacking Ranthambhore. Mughal emperors Babar and Akbar is said to have spent a few days in this fort and later Akbar had exiled his son Prince Salim ( Later Emperor Jehangir) for three years in Alwar Fort and this part of the Fort is known as Salim Mahal.

Bala Quila

Alwar Fort

Situated above the town, the ancient fort is extended over an area of 5kms from North to South in length and 1.6 Kms from East to West in width in chameleon like fashion. This Ancient building has 15 large and 51 small towers with 446 openings (loopholes) for musketry and eight towers around it to strengthen its defences. This outstanding fort has 6 historical entrance gates namely:

Jai Pol
Suraj Pol (Named after King Suraj Mal of Bharatpur)
Chand Pol
Kishan Pol
Laxman Pol
Andheri Gate

Jai Pol Bala Quila

Alwar Bala Quila

The beautiful walls of Bala Quila are finely crafted with ancient designs and sculptures that would surely take you back to the golden times. The fort has a strong influence of Indo-Islamic architecture. The incredible architecture and picturesque view of the Bala Quila still reflect the grandeur of the bygone era. The fort also has Suraj Kund, Jal Mahal, Salim Sagar Pond, Nikumb Mahal and many temples within its area. The Fort offers panoramic and spectacular views of the city from its watch towers and one can easily see the sprawling Alwar town in its background.

The main highlights of Bala Quila are:

Fort Area
Top Wale Hanuman Ji Temple
Chakardhari Hanuman ji Temple
Sita Ram Temple

Alwar Fort Rajasthan

How to Reach Bala Quila:

By Air : Jaipur (Sanganer Airport)- 162 Kms rom Alwar City
New Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) – 170 Kms from Alwar City

By Train: Jaipur Railway Station – 147 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (3 Hours approx)
New Delhi Railway Station – 156 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (4 hours Approx)

By Road: Jaipur to Alwar (162Kms) Via NH11 and RJ SH 25
Delhi to Alwar (155 Kms) Via Alwar- Bhiwadi Road

Note: Nestled at a distance of nearly 15 kms from the city, Bala Quila is well connected with Alwar city.

Bala Qila, a sprawling fort among the foothills on the northern most edge of the Aravalli mountain range gives a picturesque view and weaves the story of forgotten times. It is suggested that you must visit the fort at least once during your stay in Alwar, as you will get to see panoramic view of the landscapes and lush meadows on the way. So pack your bags and travel back 1100 years to unfold the lost history. For more info visit-


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  1. Vaseem says:

    Very nice blog and images too.!!! I love this place. Thanks for sharing it


  2. I missed to visit this place when I went to Alwar as I had to leave early! How I wish now that I shouldn’t have.


  3. Jarek says:

    Beautiful place. Nice photos too


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