Mysterious Ajabgarh Bhangarh

Alwar is among the lively and vibrant cities of Rajasthan which is mostly known for its historical heritage, medieval buildings, stunning lakes, majestic forts, religious temples and lots more. There are several architectural and historical wonders located in this district which is known throughout the world in terms of great construction and unique decorations.

Again when we talk about alwar, the following tourist attractions simply acts as real delight for eyes – beauty of siliserh lake, sariska national park, jaisamand lake, sagar, sariska palace, pandupol temple, bharthari temple, bala quila etc. but the places sariska national park, siliserh lake and mystery of bhangarh fort are just some of the rewards of visiting alwar.


Bhangarh is a place which is situated between jaipur and alwar . This town is of archaeological importance also. At Bhangarh one can see a temple of lord someshwar, medieval building and waterfall. Bhangarh fort is a major tourist attraction and a lot of tourists come here daily to see this historical wonder. The bhangarh town was established in 1573 by king Bhagwant das and the fort was built in 1613 by a king called “Madho Singh”. There are many myths related with this fort based on the history of bhangarh. Like this fort is considered as the most haunted historical places in the world. There are strict restrictions are imposed on bhangarh fort. The archeological survey of india (ASI) put up a sigh board at bhangarh stating: “Entering the borders of bhangarh before surise and after sunset is strictly prohibited”. But these all are myths. It is famous as a haunted and mysterious place but it can be visited as a beautiful and pleasant place where mind get refreshed.



There are some other forts near bhangarh those were also built in same era and share the related history. Ajabgarh is also one of them. Ajabgarh fort is situated between bhangarh and pratapgarh. It was built by “Ajabsingh rajawat”, the grandson of King Madho Singh. Ajabgarh fort offers an incredible view of walled town and well preserved architecture. There is a less visited temple of raghunath ji and old chhatris. Pratapgarh is a remarkable fort situated on hill top. Pratapgarh and its vicinity are famous for its natural surroundings. Pratapgarh town has two temples and a mosque. Both the forts are a part of major tourist attraction. Daily large number of tourists came here from india and across the globe to see this majestic forts.


How to Reach Ajabgarh Bhangarh :

By Air: Jaipur ( Sanganer Airport ) to Bhangarh- 56 Kms ( 1 Hours 30 Minutes)

Delhi Airport From Alwar – 147 kms ( 2 Hour 24 Minutes ) then Alwar to Bhangarh – 89.3 Kms (2 hours Approx)

By Train: Jaipur Railway Station to Dausa railway station – 60.4Kms ( 1 Hour 20 Minutes) then Dausa railway station to Bhangarh – 22 Kms (40 Minutes )

Delhi Railway Station from Alwar – 156 Kms (3 Hours 30 Minutes approx) then Alwar to Bhangarh – 89.3 Kms (2 hours Approx)

By Road: Jaipur to Bhangarh – 85.2 kms ( 1Hour 50 Minutes Approx )

Delhi to Bhangarh- 243 kms ( 4 hour 40 Minutes )

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