Pandupol Hanuman Temple

Pandupol Hanuman

Alwar is a land of holy shrines, devotees, religious cult and believes. There are number of tourist places in alwar which draw an attention of tourist and visitors throughout the year but holy temples of alwar are also among one of them which simultaneously catches the eyes of its pilgrims and visitors. Pandupol Temple in Sariska Alwar is also one of them. The simple architecture and beautiful location adds more beauty to this temple. Located inside the lush green surroundings of Sariska National Park and Tiger Reserve, this ancient temple is one of the most visited tourist places in Alwar. Pandupol temple represents a true blend of nature, architecture and history to its visitors.

The Pandupol temple in Sariska Alwar is devoted to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is considered as a God of extreme power, incredible strength and mightiest of all warriors. According to devotees of lord hanuman dispels all fears and spirits due to this reason lord hanuman is one of the most worshipped god figures in Indian religion. The holy shrine of Pandupol is worshipped by all hindus with pure devotion and respect because they believe that lord hanuman will protect their family with all types of supernatural powers and evil spirits.

Pandupol Alwar Pandupol temple is an important temple in Alwar because of its historical importance. It is associated with the period of epic Mahabharata. It is believed to be the place or bridge where the Pandava brothers spent their time during their life in exile. And according to another myth, it was at Pandupol Sariska where Lord Hanuman defeated Bheema. There is a natural waterfall which is surrounded by rocks and beautiful scenery is also believed as a resulting spot when bheema, the most powerful of pandava brothers cracked that hill into two.

Pandupol Sariska Alwar

The unique thing about this temple is that other temples of lord hanuman consist of hanuman idol in standing position or in sitting position with Lord Rama. But here at Pandupol temple the idol of lord hanuman is in reclining position and the tail of lord hanuman in the deity is also very long.  This incredible idol of lord hanuman makes this temple unique.

How to Reach Pandupol Hanuman Temple Alwar :

By Air:   Jaipur Airport From Alwar- 162 Kms (Sanganer Airport Jaipur)

Delhi Airport From Alwar –  170 Kms (Indra Gandhi International Airport)

By Train:   Jaipur Railway Station from Alwar – 145 Kms (3 Hour approx)

Delhi Railway Station from Alwar – 156 Kms (4 Hour approx)

 By Road:  Jaipur to Alwar – 155 Kms ( 2 Hour 58 Minutes Via NH11)

Delhi to Alwar – 157 Kms ( 3 Hour 10 Minutes Via Alwar- Bhiwadi Road)

A visit to Pandupol will give you intense pleasure, peace, joy and a great insight of the various customs & traditions of Alwar City.

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