Government Museum – A Look into the History and Antiquity of Alwar City

Alwar city is overloaded with rich history and culture. It has long been a cultural hub of rajasthan and visitors can enjoy wonderful sightseeing, ancient monuments, temples, forts and outdoor markets and local restaurants at its every turn. The Alwar city is actually a bridge between two different worlds – Old Alwar, filled with maze-like streets, congested roads, colorful markets, temples, government buildings etc and New Alwar which is extended by localities, filled with spacious, tree-lined streets, parks, molls etc. In addition to natural sightseeing & medieval buildings there are certainly plenty of people of various cultures and tradition to meet, and many wonderful things to experience here.

Alwar is the heart of Rajasthan because it has always been the soul of various eras in Indian history. Be it the Rajput, Mughal regime or the British rule, the city was always at the fore of culture, and its plethora of monuments and historical structures is a testament to its cultural significance. If you wish to explore that very side of Alwar, there’s no better way to do so than by visiting its splendid museum.

city palace and museum alwar

city palace compound alwar

vinay vilas compound alwar

Beautiful paintings & manuscripts, ancient sculptures, regional handicrafts, local art, crafts and musical instruments –Alwar’s Museums have rounded them up and set them in neatly labeled displays, you’d be a fool not to take advantage. For a small fee or entirely free you can take your pick of the city’s treasures ranging from historical to breath-taking to downright absurd. Situated in the City Palace, the Alwar Museum harbours various artefacts used by Rajput kings, including a unique collection of lacquered and ivory work, musical instruments, beautiful brass and pottery works from Jaipur and even hilts of swords and daggers. The Government Museum Alwar was formed post independence by converting a part of the City Palace, which also houses a number of items from the palace itself.

Inside Alwar Museum:

First section comprises of various archaeological finds, chiefly sculptures and valuable inscriptions from the region.  It also showcases the mounted skins of wild animals like leopard, lion and tiger which narrate the shooting excursion of ancient rulers.


government museum in alwar

Second section has the valuable and precious Persian, Urdu, Arabic and Sanskrit manuscripts. This section also displays some fabulous paintings that belongs to the Mughal and Rajput school of painting. Some famous and important ones are the Gulistan of S’adi (the Garden of roses), Bostan (the Garden of Spring) and Waqiat-e-Babri (Mughal Emperor Babar’s autobiography).

paintings at government museum alwar

government alwar museum

Third section of the museum belongs to the armoury of state rulers. Various shields, swords, pistols, rifles, daggers and other kinds of weapons are there on display in this section.

government museum alwar rajasthan

In a nutshell, here is what you need to know:

Location: The Museum is located inside City Palace Alwar 
Entry: Paid
Timing: 10 AM to 5 PM
Closed: On Friday and public holidays

How to reach City Palace Alwar:

By Air: – Jaipur (Sanganer Airport)- 162 Kms from Alwar City
New Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) – 170 Kms from Alwar City

By Train: Jaipur Railway Station – 147 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (3 Hours approx)
New Delhi Railway Station – 156 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (4 hours Approx)

By Road: Jaipur to Alwar (162Kms) Via NH11 and RJ SH 25
Delhi to Alwar (155 Kms) Via Alwar- Bhiwadi Road

Love history? Then a visit to Alwar Museum could be the best way to revisit the eras gone by! Explore it, soak in the charm and absorb the cultures of yore. For more info visit-

We are not makers of History, We are made by History
Martin Luther King

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City Palace Alwar- The Abode of Art

Rajasthan is a state in India which is known for its rich royal history, colourful cultural diversity, widely spread sand dunes, mouth watering cuisines, beautiful heritage sites and exotic wild life varieties. Thus, situated in Rajasthan, Alwar is also not untouched with all these fascinating beauties. The glamorous heritage sites of Alwar is the gift of Maharajas to this small district and the Vinay Vilas Mahal which is commonly known as City Palace is definitely one of them.

Vinay Vilas Mahal Alwar

The monument- City Palace was built in 1793 A.D. by Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh, which is a perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal style of designing. Nested within the neighboring Aravali Hills this magnificent architecture was build to create an imposing effect on travelers. The beautiful ornate sculpture of City Palace gives you the glimpse of bygone era of kings and their royal life style. Elegant architecture of the Vinay Vilas Mahal consists of marble pavilions with bases made of lotus flower in the large central courtyard.

Sagar Lake from Bala Quila

At present the City Palace has been completely taken over by state government and transformed into district’s collectorate office and other government offices. Apart from that, history buffs and visitors can climb up to the other floors of the palace which has been transformed into Government Museum. The museum consists of three sections which contains the personal belongings of maharajas which are:

First Section – Archeological findings of the region
Second Section – Storehouse of paintings
Third Section – Display of weapons

Within the vicinity of Vinay Vilas Mahal there is an artificial lake called Sagar, which was built by Maharaja Vinay Singh in the year 1815. The Sagar Lake is only few feet away from City Palace and can be accessed by anyone easily. The Sagar is enclosed by symmetrically placed cenotaphs or chhatris which are dome shaped pavilions and stairs build into the 4 sides of the lake that can be descended to reach the water at the bottom. The real highlights of Sagar are an overlooking terrace and Moosi Maharani Chhatri, which is a beautiful sandstone and marble cenotaph of Raja Bakhtawar Singh.

Moosi Maharani Ki Chatri

Sagar Lake Alwar

How to reach City Palace Alwar:

By Air: – Jaipur (Sanganer Airport)- 162 Kms from Alwar City
New Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) – 170 Kms from Alwar City

By Train: Jaipur Railway Station – 147 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (3 Hours approx)
New Delhi Railway Station – 156 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (4 hours Approx)

By Road: Jaipur to Alwar (162Kms) Via NH11 and RJ SH 25
Delhi to Alwar (155 Kms) Via Alwar- Bhiwadi Road

City Place is an excellent place for history buffs and casual visitors. So what are you waiting for just pack your bags and explore unfold the history of Maharajas. For more info visit-

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Neemrana Fort Palace- Architectural Jewel of Alwar

Alwar is popular all over the world for its remarkable forts, glorious palaces and monuments of ancient times that have been proudly standing since decades in this kingly district. These ancient buildings are excellent example of the architectural heritage of Alwar. They are the major attractions of the city which reminds us about the rich past of Alwar. A journey through these wonderful treasures of history makes visitors to come back here again and again to relive the royal past of kings. Constructed on high hilltops with endless natural beauty these architectures have their own individual charm and charisma.

Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Heritage Hotel

Today’s visitors are fortunate as they have the full opportunity to experience the real royalty of these ancient palaces because now the magnificent mahals of former kings of Indian dynasty has opened their doors to visitors by converting their palatial residences into grand heritage hotels. And by staying at them the travellers can experience the same old elegance and luxury of king’s place. Neemrana Fort Palace is also a Grand Heritage Hotel in Neemrana (Alwar destrict) and perfect example of royal past with all modern day comforts & facilities.

Neemrana Heritage Hotel Alwar

Fort Neemara Palace

Located on Delhi-Jaipur Highway, 75 km from north of Alwar in Neemrana, the fort is perched on a fortified plateau in Aravali Hills with mountains & greenery all around. The fort is spread over 10 hectares with 6 acres of palaces tiered over 12 levels commanding more breathtaking views of the terrace which cannot be viewed in just one visit . It was built in 1464 AD by local chieftain Nimola Meo and Raja Dup Raj established its capital from Alwar to Neemrana in 1467 AD. After that it was restored in 1986 and converted in to a heritage hotel in 1991. It is one of the oldest heritage resorts of India, built since 15th century. Neemrana Palace is a symbol of new blend of reconstruct, refurbishment and resurgence of ruined architectural wonders which offers a unique accommodation options to those visitors who are looking for a hotel booking in Rajasthan near Alwar and also want to enjoy the pampering treatment like the kings and the queens in a royal heritage site.

Neemrana Fort Palace Rajasthan

Neemrana Fort Palace Aaman Vilas

The Neemrana Fort Palace is well equipped with every modern day facilities and comfort with flawless hospitality services of staff members. There are 40+ well designed and embellished rooms are best for royal living. Known by different names, each hotel rooms are well decorated and equipped with all modern amenities. Many of the hotel rooms are designed with personal terraces and balconies. All hotel rooms are eclectic blend of colonial and traditional Indian furniture, paintings and antiques. For great dining experience guests can visit hotel’s dine-in restaurant which serves mouth watering traditional Indian Rajasthani cuisine along with Chinese, Thai, French, Continental and Italian cuisine.

Neemrana Restaurant

Dining At Neemrana

Apart from the stunning rooms and delicious food, Hotel Neemra Palace has beautiful hanging gardens, two pools to swim out to the horizon, an ayurvedic spa and India’s first zip-line (zip- tour) for adventure freaks so as to make their stay even more thrilling and interesting. The phenomenal art and architecture of the hotel is exclusive and hard to find anywhere else. Widely famous for its serenity and tranquillity, the fort has many sightseeing points which will give you a perfect scenic views like- Lotus Pool known as Holi Kund and Terrace near Aranya Mahal. Along with these beautiful sightseeings your visit will be incomplete if you don’t experience the splendid camel rides, vintage car rides and cultural dance performances by various rajasthani folk artists at Neemrana Palace.

Neemrana Fort Activities

How to reach Neemrana Fort Palace:

By Air: New Delhi (Indra Gandhi International Airport)- 115 kms from Neemrana
Jaipur (Sanganer Airport) – 150 kms from Neemrana
Agra Airport- 240 kms from Neemrana

By Rail: Rewari Railway Station (Nearest) – 38 kms from Neemrana
Alwar Railway Station- 80 Kms from Neemrana
Gurgaon Railway Station- 90 Kms from Neemrana
New Delhi Railway Station – 120 Kms from Neemrana
Jaipur Railway Station – 147 Kms from from Neemrana

By Road: Neemrana Fort Palace is located near Neemrana village at a distance of 20 km from Behror on Delhi-Jaipur highway. One can easily reach there by RSRTC bus, local bus or local taxi.

If you want to experience the bygone era of Indian Maharajas with modern touch then Neemrana fort Palace is your perfect weekend gateway to visit. In fact, you have a great chance of staying at 15th century fort and have a close look at its unfading regal architecture and history. For more visit-

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Bala Quila: The Majestic Fort of Alwar

Located near Karni Mata Temple, atop Aravalli hills, The gigantic Bala Quila (Alwar Fort) has perched on a steep cliff at the height of 300 meters, facing alwar city. This lends a splendid view of the beautiful city Alwar. It is the biggest attraction of the city and also considered as the most imposing and impressive monuments of the Alwar city. Standing alone with a pride since 16th century it is probably one of the oldest forts in the city. Bala Quila is the most notable symbol of the city which is the main reason why it attracts a large number of tourists and local visitors throughout the year. Bala Quila is located at a distance of 595 m from the city centre and it is clearly visible from the city.

Bala Quila Alwar Rajasthan

Bala Quila Alwar

The Alwar Fort (Bala Quila) was said to have been built by Nikumbh Clan of Rajputs in 928 A.D. As time passed, the fort went through the hands of various dynasties including Khanzadas, Mughals, Pathans and Jats. It is believed that Pratap Singh who was the founder of the city of Alwar had taken the possession of this fort in the year 1775. It is believed that Pratap Singh, after taking over the Bala Quila in Alwar had laid the foundation stone of the city. Predating the time of Pratap Singh, it’s one of the few forts in Rajasthan built before the rise of the Mughals, who used it as a base for attacking Ranthambhore. Mughal emperors Babar and Akbar is said to have spent a few days in this fort and later Akbar had exiled his son Prince Salim ( Later Emperor Jehangir) for three years in Alwar Fort and this part of the Fort is known as Salim Mahal.

Bala Quila

Alwar Fort

Situated above the town, the ancient fort is extended over an area of 5kms from North to South in length and 1.6 Kms from East to West in width in chameleon like fashion. This Ancient building has 15 large and 51 small towers with 446 openings (loopholes) for musketry and eight towers around it to strengthen its defences. This outstanding fort has 6 historical entrance gates namely:

Jai Pol
Suraj Pol (Named after King Suraj Mal of Bharatpur)
Chand Pol
Kishan Pol
Laxman Pol
Andheri Gate

Jai Pol Bala Quila

Alwar Bala Quila

The beautiful walls of Bala Quila are finely crafted with ancient designs and sculptures that would surely take you back to the golden times. The fort has a strong influence of Indo-Islamic architecture. The incredible architecture and picturesque view of the Bala Quila still reflect the grandeur of the bygone era. The fort also has Suraj Kund, Jal Mahal, Salim Sagar Pond, Nikumb Mahal and many temples within its area. The Fort offers panoramic and spectacular views of the city from its watch towers and one can easily see the sprawling Alwar town in its background.

The main highlights of Bala Quila are:

Fort Area
Top Wale Hanuman Ji Temple
Chakardhari Hanuman ji Temple
Sita Ram Temple

Alwar Fort Rajasthan

How to Reach Bala Quila:

By Air : Jaipur (Sanganer Airport)- 162 Kms rom Alwar City
New Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) – 170 Kms from Alwar City

By Train: Jaipur Railway Station – 147 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (3 Hours approx)
New Delhi Railway Station – 156 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (4 hours Approx)

By Road: Jaipur to Alwar (162Kms) Via NH11 and RJ SH 25
Delhi to Alwar (155 Kms) Via Alwar- Bhiwadi Road

Note: Nestled at a distance of nearly 15 kms from the city, Bala Quila is well connected with Alwar city.

Bala Qila, a sprawling fort among the foothills on the northern most edge of the Aravalli mountain range gives a picturesque view and weaves the story of forgotten times. It is suggested that you must visit the fort at least once during your stay in Alwar, as you will get to see panoramic view of the landscapes and lush meadows on the way. So pack your bags and travel back 1100 years to unfold the lost history. For more info visit-

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Hope Circus – The heart of the city

Alwar is known for its ethnicity, heritage sites and for its world famous dessert Kalakand (Milk-Cake). Endless enjoyment, great photo opportunity and several beautiful trails that instigate tourists for brilliant adventure experience- this is what Alwar is all about. Clad with stunning beauty of nature, Alwar also offer opportunity to witness the great Aravalli hills panorama to its visitors.

There are numerous places in Alwar which is known for its history and structure. The city has many beautiful lakes, interesting historical monuments, picturesque valley, holy shrines and busiest markets which touches every corner of Alwar invigorates visitors every time when they came here. If one is crazy about travel and love to do shopping then Alwar’s Hope Circus is definitely a perfect place for them to shop and full fill their all shopping desires.

hope circus alwar Rajasthan

Hope Circus is a monument located almost midway between Alwar Railway Station and Alwar City Palace. Named after the daughter of Lord Linlithgow, the then Viceroy of India, who visited Alwar in 1939-40. Its one of the incredible tourist places in Alwar. Hope Circus is a circular structure having flight of steps towards to the top from all four sides.On the top of it there is a lord Shiva (the god of hindus) temple. From where one can see the awesome view of the entire Alwar city.

On every year festivals like Navratri, Vijayadashami, Diwali, Holi etc Hope Circus is decorated at its best. Around hope circus there are many shops where visitors can enjoy shopping. It is one of the main shopping centres in Alwar. Most famous bazaars (Markets) of Alwar are also situated nearby to this place. In Alwar’s market one can easily buy beautiful handicrafts, jewelleries, decor products, rajasthani bangles, beautiful traditional sarees and lot more.

hope circus alwar

Shopping Markets near Hope Circus:

Bazaza-Bazar :-

Bazaar Bazaar is one of the busiest bazaars in Alwar. This bazaar is frequently visited by a large number of foreigners as well as local travelers. Best time to visit this bazaar is during the time of festivals.

It’s a wholesale market reflects the traditional value of Rajasthan. Textile items made with a variety of silk threads, beads and Zardosi of Bazaza Bazar is widely popular. Here tourist can find the splendid collection of items like trinkets, carpets, artifacts, embroidered ‘jutis’ and Zardosi, these are best buys of the Bazaza Bazaar. Here one can also find numerous eating junctions, which are known for selling delicious local dishes, mainly sweet dishes like Kalakand.

Malakhera Bazaar :-

A huge collection of Rajasthani products are available in the shops of Malakhera Bazaar. Some of the most popular items and products available in Malakhera Bazaar are handicraft goods like cloth bags, numerous textile items, home decor products, silver souvenirs, jewelleries, clay sculptures, handicrafts items and artifacts.

Saraffa Bazar :-

It is one of the most important centers in Alwar for precious and semi precious stone and diamonds. A wide range of Jewelleries are also available in this market, which are mostly produced in the centers in and around the city.

Churi Market :-

It is very popular among the women’s and is well known for its variant rajasthani bangles and fashionable clothes. You can visit here and have a good time together with family and friends.

How to Reach Hope circus:

By Air : Jaipur (Sanganer Airport)- 162 Kms rom Alwar City
New Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport) – 170 Kms from Alwar City

By Train: Jaipur Railway Station – 147 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (3 Hours approx)
New Delhi Railway Station – 156 Kms from Alwar Railway Station (4 hours Approx)

By Road: Jaipur to Alwar (162Kms) Via NH11 and RJ SH 25
Delhi to Alwar (155 Kms) Via Alwar- Bhiwadi Road

This monument can be visited by foot while shopping, as it is located right in the middle of the city. The tour of Hope Circus will surely give you great shopping and sightseeing experience. For more info visit-

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Mysterious Ajabgarh Bhangarh

Alwar is among the lively and vibrant cities of Rajasthan which is mostly known for its historical heritage, medieval buildings, stunning lakes, majestic forts, religious temples and lots more. There are several architectural and historical wonders located in this district which is known throughout the world in terms of great construction and unique decorations.

Again when we talk about alwar, the following tourist attractions simply acts as real delight for eyes – beauty of siliserh lake, sariska national park, jaisamand lake, sagar, sariska palace, pandupol temple, bharthari temple, bala quila etc. but the places sariska national park, siliserh lake and mystery of bhangarh fort are just some of the rewards of visiting alwar.


Bhangarh is a place which is situated between jaipur and alwar . This town is of archaeological importance also. At Bhangarh one can see a temple of lord someshwar, medieval building and waterfall. Bhangarh fort is a major tourist attraction and a lot of tourists come here daily to see this historical wonder. The bhangarh town was established in 1573 by king Bhagwant das and the fort was built in 1613 by a king called “Madho Singh”. There are many myths related with this fort based on the history of bhangarh. Like this fort is considered as the most haunted historical places in the world. There are strict restrictions are imposed on bhangarh fort. The archeological survey of india (ASI) put up a sigh board at bhangarh stating: “Entering the borders of bhangarh before surise and after sunset is strictly prohibited”. But these all are myths. It is famous as a haunted and mysterious place but it can be visited as a beautiful and pleasant place where mind get refreshed.



There are some other forts near bhangarh those were also built in same era and share the related history. Ajabgarh is also one of them. Ajabgarh fort is situated between bhangarh and pratapgarh. It was built by “Ajabsingh rajawat”, the grandson of King Madho Singh. Ajabgarh fort offers an incredible view of walled town and well preserved architecture. There is a less visited temple of raghunath ji and old chhatris. Pratapgarh is a remarkable fort situated on hill top. Pratapgarh and its vicinity are famous for its natural surroundings. Pratapgarh town has two temples and a mosque. Both the forts are a part of major tourist attraction. Daily large number of tourists came here from india and across the globe to see this majestic forts.


How to Reach Ajabgarh Bhangarh :

By Air: Jaipur ( Sanganer Airport ) to Bhangarh- 56 Kms ( 1 Hours 30 Minutes)

Delhi Airport From Alwar – 147 kms ( 2 Hour 24 Minutes ) then Alwar to Bhangarh – 89.3 Kms (2 hours Approx)

By Train: Jaipur Railway Station to Dausa railway station – 60.4Kms ( 1 Hour 20 Minutes) then Dausa railway station to Bhangarh – 22 Kms (40 Minutes )

Delhi Railway Station from Alwar – 156 Kms (3 Hours 30 Minutes approx) then Alwar to Bhangarh – 89.3 Kms (2 hours Approx)

By Road: Jaipur to Bhangarh – 85.2 kms ( 1Hour 50 Minutes Approx )

Delhi to Bhangarh- 243 kms ( 4 hour 40 Minutes )

For more info visit-

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Pandupol Hanuman Temple

Pandupol Hanuman

Alwar is a land of holy shrines, devotees, religious cult and believes. There are number of tourist places in alwar which draw an attention of tourist and visitors throughout the year but holy temples of alwar are also among one of them which simultaneously catches the eyes of its pilgrims and visitors. Pandupol Temple in Sariska Alwar is also one of them. The simple architecture and beautiful location adds more beauty to this temple. Located inside the lush green surroundings of Sariska National Park and Tiger Reserve, this ancient temple is one of the most visited tourist places in Alwar. Pandupol temple represents a true blend of nature, architecture and history to its visitors.

The Pandupol temple in Sariska Alwar is devoted to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is considered as a God of extreme power, incredible strength and mightiest of all warriors. According to devotees of lord hanuman dispels all fears and spirits due to this reason lord hanuman is one of the most worshipped god figures in Indian religion. The holy shrine of Pandupol is worshipped by all hindus with pure devotion and respect because they believe that lord hanuman will protect their family with all types of supernatural powers and evil spirits.

Pandupol Alwar Pandupol temple is an important temple in Alwar because of its historical importance. It is associated with the period of epic Mahabharata. It is believed to be the place or bridge where the Pandava brothers spent their time during their life in exile. And according to another myth, it was at Pandupol Sariska where Lord Hanuman defeated Bheema. There is a natural waterfall which is surrounded by rocks and beautiful scenery is also believed as a resulting spot when bheema, the most powerful of pandava brothers cracked that hill into two.

Pandupol Sariska Alwar

The unique thing about this temple is that other temples of lord hanuman consist of hanuman idol in standing position or in sitting position with Lord Rama. But here at Pandupol temple the idol of lord hanuman is in reclining position and the tail of lord hanuman in the deity is also very long.  This incredible idol of lord hanuman makes this temple unique.

How to Reach Pandupol Hanuman Temple Alwar :

By Air:   Jaipur Airport From Alwar- 162 Kms (Sanganer Airport Jaipur)

Delhi Airport From Alwar –  170 Kms (Indra Gandhi International Airport)

By Train:   Jaipur Railway Station from Alwar – 145 Kms (3 Hour approx)

Delhi Railway Station from Alwar – 156 Kms (4 Hour approx)

 By Road:  Jaipur to Alwar – 155 Kms ( 2 Hour 58 Minutes Via NH11)

Delhi to Alwar – 157 Kms ( 3 Hour 10 Minutes Via Alwar- Bhiwadi Road)

A visit to Pandupol will give you intense pleasure, peace, joy and a great insight of the various customs & traditions of Alwar City.

For more info visit-


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